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JET Engineering Systems Solutions

18 Aug 2021

JET Engineering System Solutions is a world leading maritime 5G business that provides high-bandwidth network connectivity at sea. We are a growing company focused on achieving a connected, safer, securer and more environmentally sustainable Blue Economy. Providing the possibility for future generations to prosper from and protect our oceans.

Operating from regional offices including Oceansgate and Betaden Malvern, as well as on customer sites, we offer a range of hybrid-5G maritime connectivity solutions tailored to the varied needs of our partners and clients.

James Thomas, JET Engineering Systems Solutions, said:

“Due to our involvement with the Oceansgate Meet the Expert business support programme we were able to secure grant funding to help achieve our business growth aspirations and successfully accelerate our business to deliver the first floating 5G buoy in the world.”

JET Engineering is always looking for ways to customise our floating 5G networking capabilities to enable advances in global trade, national security, and decarbonisation. Only by providing resilient connectivity, will we enable Industry 4.0 in the maritime sector. With the support of Plymouth and the hub of activities focused here, we have been able to rapidly grow our product line and spearhead this new industry.

Find out more about Oceansgate’s Meet the Expert business support programme and how to access grant funding here.

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