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Travel to Oceansgate

Endeavour House, Oceansgate, 2 Vivid Approach, Plymouth PL1 4RW

Oceansgate is easily accessible with excellent transport links including cycling, road, bus and train.

View Oceansgate on Google Maps

If you wish to travel by public transport, use the journey planner below to find out which bus you need to catch, where to catch it from and what time it leaves.

Plan a journey

You can also find a bus timetable using the timetable search.

Find a timetable

To find a timetable you need to know at least one of the following:

  • bus service number
  • company that runs the service
  • name of town, bus stop, postcode or address

Plymouth has a growing network of routes across the city so why not start planning your journey by bike using the Plymouth cycling map.

Plymouth Cycle Map


Travel Facts

  • A 20-minute bike ride to work could use the same amount of calories as a cappuccino, a bar of chocolate or a 175ml glass of wine
  • 15 bicycles can fit into the same space as one car
  • A cyclist will use one fiftieth the amount of oxygen as a car making the same journey
  • Walking is carbon free travel so if we all walked instead of drove once a week there would be 10% less traffic on the roads
  • Don’t jog – walk! Walking briskly burns as many calories as jogging the same distance
  • Walking one mile in 20 minutes would burn approximately 60 calories – or the equivalent of eating two medium satsumas or half of a 31g blueberry muffin



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