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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will be the minimum and maximum length of tenancies?

Minimum 3 years. No maximum.


2. What is the rent per sq. ft.?

The rent for Phase 1 will be:

  • £6.00-£7.50 per sq ft (plus VAT) for light industrial units, depending on size, length of tenancy and other terms;
  • £13.00-£15.00 per sq ft (plus VAT) for offices, depending on size, length of tenancy and other terms;

Rent will be payable quarterly in advance.


3. What is the service charge?

A service charge will be payable towards the cost of the maintenance and upkeep of the common areas of the development, and the provision of any common services, in proportion to the size of the tenant’s premises.

For the multi-tenanted office building in Phase 1, which will benefit from a greater range and quality of shared services, tenants are likely to have to pay an annual service charge of £4.50-£5.50 per sq ft.

Tenants of the light industrial units in Phase 1, which are generally more self-contained, are likely to have to pay around £1.00 per sq ft.


4. What does the service charge pay for?

For the multi-tenanted office building in Phase 1, the service charge will cover:

  • Maintenance of the structure, exterior and common parts of the building
  • Cleaning of common parts
  • Lighting of common parts
  • Electricity to common parts
  • Mechanical and Electrical Services to common parts
  • Lifts
  • Signage
  • Health & Safety.

All tenants will be required to pay a service charge for the cost of:

  • Maintenance of access roads, courtyards etc
  • Security
  • Estate lighting
  • Electricity for estate lighting, security systems etc.
  • Landscaping
  • Signage
  • Boundary maintenance
  • Fees (Accounting and Property Management)
  • Insurance (including public liability and property owners’ liability)

A separate insurance rent will be payable in respect of buildings insurance.


4. How can I view a property / unit?

Viewing is by arrangement with Oceansgate, by emailing oceansgate@plymouth.gov.uk.


5. When will the phases be ready?

Phase 1 was completed in January 2018 and units are now available. Read more on our Phase 1 page and list of Available Units page.

The second phase of the Oceansgate development reached completion March 2021.

No date is yet available for the completion of Phase 3.


6. What broadband speed will I get?

Superfast Broadband – Connection speeds of over 100 Megabits per second to each business unit as standard. Delivered over a fibre optic to the premise system.


7. I’m not planning to re-locate in the short term, how can I get involved in research, innovation, production and collaboration in Oceansgate?

The Marine Business Technology Centre (MBTC) is located in Endeavour House of Phase 1, Oceansgate.  It supports the marine sector and supply chain across Plymouth, Devon, Torbay, and Somerset local authority areas.  The priority of the MBTC is to help businesses to access in-sea test facilities for equipment, systems and processes.  It is being delivered in partnership with Plymouth and Exeter Universities, PML and MBA.


8. What are the public transport facilities like to Oceansgate?

There are excellent bus links to Devonport Dockyard from many parts of Plymouth, with buses from Plymouth City Centre running every 15 minutes. From the City Centre to the dockyard the bus is a short 10 minute journey. There is also a rail link direct from Plymouth City to Devonport station.  The journey takes three minutes and the station is exactly one mile from Oceansgate. Read more on our Getting Here page.


9. Will I be able to access the docks / jetties if I locate to Phase 1 or 2?

It is intended that all tenants will have access to the water from Oceansgate.  MoD approval is needed currently until the site is transferred to Plymouth City Council.

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