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Available Units

The construction of new office and industrial space in Phase 1 totaling 2,600 sq m reached practical completion early 2018, and is now available to let.

The entrance to the campus contains flagship offices with potential for research areas with laboratories and workshop space suitable for marine ICT, technology and prototype development.

Listed below are the available units in Endeavour House, the office building, and Endurance Court, the two terraces of workshop-business space units.

Take a closer look at Endeavour House with the Endeavour House walkthrough.

If you are interested in any of these units and would like to discuss further, please get in touch with us.


BuildingLocationSq. MSq. ftFurther Information
Office Suite 01, Ground Floor, Endeavour House100.141,078Endeavour House Brochure
Office Suite 02, Ground Floor, Endeavour House

Unit can be subdivided into smaller units with kitchen/breakout area, from 20 sq. m
100.991,087Endeavour House Brochure
Office Suite 03, Ground Floor, Endeavour House103.601,115Endeavour House Brochure
Office Suite 04, Ground Floor, Endeavour House93.771,009Endeavour House Brochure
Office Suite 05, First Floor, Endeavour House113.871,225Endeavour House Brochure
Office Suite 06, First Floor, Endeavour House

Smaller suites coming soon
104.391,124Endeavour House Brochure
Office Suite 07, First Floor, Endeavour House

Smaller suites coming soon
114.581,233Endeavour House Brochure
Office Suite 08, First Floor, Endeavour House101.011,087Endeavour House Brochure
Office Suite 09, Second Floor, Endeavour House115.701,245Endeavour House Brochure
Office Suite 10, Second Floor, Endeavour House104.601,126Endeavour House Brochure
Office Suite 11, Second Floor, Endeavour House114.361,231Endeavour House Brochure
Office Suite 12, Second Floor, Endeavour House101.301,090Endeavour House Brochure
Unit 1, Building 2, Endurance Court87.31940Endurance Court Brochure
Unit 2, Building 2, Endurance Court89.19960Endurance Court Brochure
Unit 3, Building 2, Endurance Court89.19960Endurance Court Brochure
Unit4-5-letUnit 4 & 5, Building 2, Endurance Court180.021,938Endurance Court Brochure
Unit 6 & 7, Building 2, Endurance Court179.081,928Endurance Court Brochure
Unit 8, Building 3, Endurance Court88.52953Endurance Court Brochure
Unit 9, Building 3, Endurance Court89.46963Endurance Court Brochure
Unit 10 & 11, Building 3, Endurance Court180.321,941Endurance Court Brochure
Unit 12, 13 & 14, Building 3, Endurance Court255.812,754Endurance Court Brochure

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