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Over 200 Public and Private Sector Visitors to Oceansgate

28 Jun 2017

The regeneration of South Yard has really captured the interest of businesses and families in Plymouth. Most people who were born or brought up in Plymouth have a family member that has worked in the Dockyard, either for the Royal Navy or Babcock International, so for them they really care what happens to the oldest, most historic part of the Dockyard where it all began.

To date we have had over 200 visitors take part in our site tours – 233 to be exact. We know this as everyone who enters the dockyard must have security clearance, which the MoD pass office kindly helps us out with. It’s not just local businesses that have been on our site tours, we have even had some international visitors!

Pictured is our most recent tour with Plymouth City Council Leader Ian Bowyer and Cabinet members.

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