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Oceansgate Drainage Works

05 Oct 2016

Plymouth City Council is pleased to be commencing works on the Oceansgate MIPC development with our first piece of new infrastructure that will support all three phases in the whole campus in time.

The Council has awarded a contract to South West Highways for an initial run of drainage across the old Spinnaker Car Park. This is the first part of a new storm water sewer that will provide relief to the local drainage network that is close to capacity and benefit all buildings on Oceansgate.

The work is being started ahead of development of Phase 1 which is due to commence in January 2017. The drainage work will commence in late October, with South West Highways completing before the Christmas break.

The drainage work will be continued in the new year and run down Vivid Approach. A further construction phase will be required to complete the sewer connection into the River Tamar at which point storm water will be allowed to flow through the system and relieve pressure in the existing sewer network.

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