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Marine Business Technology Centre

The Marine Business Technology Centre (MBTC) is an EU Funded support programme designed for Devon-based marine businesses to develop the next generation of technology.

Based in Endeavour House at the Oceansgate Marine Enterprise Zone in Devonport, the MBTC gives clients access to the Plymouth Smart Sound proving zone, funding programmes, research and development support and links to other commercial collaborative partners to aid the production of cutting edge marine solutions.

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At a Glance

  • Devon-based conduit for support for high-tech marine development
  • £4.5 million EU funded project led by Plymouth City Council
  • Partnered by the Universities of Plymouth & Exeter, Plymouth Marine Laboratory and Marine Biological Association
  • Marine Autonomy, Alternative Propulsion, Advanced Manufacturing/Materials, Environmental Monitoring/Modelling and Cyber Security/IoT Specialisations
  • Coordinator of the Plymouth Smart Sound Proving Area


Support Criteria

  • MBTC Support Criteria
  • High tech marine business
  • Devon-based
  • Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)
  • Willing to collaborate

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